Monday, January 30, 2012

How words matter in the message

Very good example of how you say something is as important as what you say, and one of my favorite video clips.

how to make a successful cold call

This link is to Inc. magazine a couple weeks ago on an article about cold calling that I liked.  Many of you already are pros at cold calling and have your own techniques that work for you.  The key in my view is that you have to block out the time, have a good list of somewhat interested people (it makes no sense to be calling people with no interest whatsoever. 

But my best strategy is to break down your calling list into chunks of 5 or 10 calls at a time before updating info.  Keep a printed note pad with all the pertinent info about the company, contact, any linked in connections you might have with the individual and try to keep the call brief to get the appointment. 

There is evidence to suggest that Thursday mornings are the best time to call to reach decision makers, but it is entirely up to the types of businesses you're calling.  For example, I just completed a campaign of postcards, followed by phone calls to get people's email addresses, followed by calling only those who opened links or clicked on the links in the emails I sent.

They were interested leads because they already knew something about me, having received a postcard, having received a phone call to try and schedule a meeting or to send an email, and then they actually viewed the message.  It is a logical process. 

How many of you are simply picking up the phone and smiling and dialing without first generating any interest in you or your offer first?

Inc magazine's how to make a cold call article