Saturday, May 19, 2012

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AIU Alumni Spring Newsletter Print Copies Available From HP Mag Cloud Print On Demand
20 pages, published 19 MAY 2012
AIU Alumni Newsletter Spring 2012 Issue printed in full color, 20 pg issue featuring Raj Dwivedi and Print On Demand Network

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why CDigital Markets is a leader in proprietary heat transfer

Recently I had a chance to visit CDigital Markets in Baltimore and immediately was struck with the innovative culture and product variability that they can offer the commercial trade printer, but also retailer or marketing department.  The video above features the film substrates produced by CDigital Markets as the decorative film transfer products that can be loaded into automated decorating systems like the one pictured in the video very cost effectively.

Their unique process of full color, high resolution, high output and variable print on demand capability onto practically any substrate using toner based Xeikon digital press technology, and patented transfer film applications literally allows their customer to print full color onto any hard surface area that stands up to multiple abrasion, heat, pressure, washing in almost any quantity very cost effectively.

Their testing center in Baltimore runs multiple applications of printed transfers on metal, ceramics, plastic through multiple wash cycles in dishwashers for drinkware, or custom eatery ware or pet toys.  These customized products are sold by multiple Ad Specialty Distributors and seen on such things as printed placqes, pens, bads, bows, arrows, bottles, signs, cups, mugs, travel mugs, keychains, CDs/DVDs, USB drives.

Their unique application process allows anyone with heat transfer stamping or press equipment to permanently transfer the printed image from proprietary film substrates to the hard flat or curved surface.  The applications are endless and extremely practical when running production quantities in small quantities for prototypes or larger run volumes for manufacturers looking to fill orders for large retail chains or box stores. 

As a supporter of CDigital Markets and former SecMedia, Print On Demand Network is proud to refer our network to Tom Booth and his team at CDigital Markets, who can be reached at